Welcome to Madison, Indiana's Main Street Cobbler!


Jack of many trades, Patrick Cunningham, known worldwide for his authentic reproduction hot-dipped tin work, is now adding boot, shoe and leather repairs of all kinds to his weekly workload. Trained in shoemaking at Old Sturbridge Village in 1985, Mr. Cunningham now specializes in shoe repair, including re-enactor's reproduction shoe repairs through Beth Crabb's internet site for re-enactors,  Ezra Barnhouse Goods of Irwin, Ohio, or we can service you through the mail or locally. You can also email us at doofendugel@frontier.com.  








      Fortunately, for those needing boot, shoe or other types of leather repairs locally, in Madison, Indiana, you can find the cobbler at 313 W. Main Street, working on everything from toys to purse straps to horseboots.






An example of a re-enactor shoe repair (a man's brogan) is shown in process above (and to the right ). This pair of shoes was in great disrepair as you can see on the bench. The right shoe is shoe taken apart, while the left is on its side showing the hole in the sole. At this point in the repair process shown on the right, the left sole is being sewn; the heel still needs to be re-built and cosmetic work needs to be done.


Voila! Now through the magic of the internet, take a look at the finished product, from workbench to very much WEARABLE again.





 The photo above shows how a beautiful new heel and sole can give new life to a pair of shoes that most would've said were goners. The photo of the finished repair does not do it justice. We're sure the owner is pleased!


There were large holes and cracked soles on the original pair of shoes. Hobnails are nice because they slow down the wear of the sole but, unfortunately, these nails do create damage. The damage is not only on the outer sole, but also the midsole, as the photo does attest. This requires more extensive repair work; more dollars to the customer and makes for a very cranky cobbler. So for those who prefer to have their hobnails pounded back in, prepare for an argument. If you win the argument you can have your hobnails back in. Our standard repair will not include hobnails.


In the photograph of the Robert Land  woman's shoes below, the one on the left is shown in newly repaired condition while the other is showing its age of 12 years.




With a little Cunningham cobbling magic, these ladies' shoes appear as though barely worn, thereby saving the owner the cost of a new purchase. The owner of these shoes said she was thrilled with the results achieved by Mr. Cunningham.





Notice when we turn these shoes over that the soles are hand-pegged. The newly-repaired mid-nineteenth century reproduction shoe is shown on the right in the photo. This pair of shoes is just like new again! Nothing beats the feel of a favorite pair of shoes that's been given new life!  


Fortunately, most shoes can be repaired, but the price you paid for them originally does not  guarantee that.  Just ask. Many people are surprised to find out their very expensive pair of shoes cannot be repaired while a "cheaper" pair can be made like new or better.






Mr. Cunningham does not just work on reproduction shoes. Even though normal shoe repairs make up the bulk of business, we have been asked to make repairs on all sorts of stuff; here a  leather coat zipper is being repaired. In the photo below, a customer's toy horse and sleigh needed a new reins and harness






Believe it or not, we've even had a repair brought in for a real horse---a rubber boot ! 







It might help to have a little shoe terminology if you wish to explain your problem via phone or e-mail;  there's always wikipedia for a little info first.